Sex Wax

Sex Wax


It was warm and I was lonely and my board needed waxing. It always needed waxing; I was always in the water. What else was I supposed to do? He worked from home, five minutes away from being done with whatever task he was on so I waited and waxed and surfed. But I couldn’t nag him because he liked the taste of my ears; he chewed them off if I reminded him it’s been five minutes.

Clean, basecoat, topcoat, ride the waves, make money, repeat. But that wasn’t enough, I guess. A clean house and dinner on the table but I was never in the house to make it messy in the first place and I was fine with a sandwich for dinner. He was always inside, five minutes from being done. I enjoy being a semi-professional surfer but I guess not everyone is okay with that.



The breeze off the ocean was warm and salty, blowing sand into the garage as I opened the door, funboard in tow. Michael just got a new job, working remote; he wanted to be able to watch me surf as he worked since it’s hard for him to take off to go to competitions. We hardly saw each other so this would be great for us. Today, he sat outside with his laptop as I practiced and we had lunch together. This could be fun.

We’re even having more dinners together, which is nice. He came out on the water with me a few times. I didn’t mean to laugh but it’s kinda funny I thought; he’s so bad. You know, when you find something funny that isn’t supposed to be? Yeah, this. He was a good sport about it, though, and “surfed” for another hour or so. He’s far better now than he was a year ago. Hopefully I can get him out on the water more.



Woo-hoo! Competition this past weekend, I placed second. And Michael showed up! We went out to celebrate afterwards. This was the first competition he’s been to and, personally, I’m glad it was this one. The weather was great, I placed second, and it wasn’t overly crowded (lots of room). We went to dinner, celebrated, danced, cuddled. Among other things.

He seems to be enjoying working from home, though he’s working inside more often. “It’s getting colder,” he says. But it’s only mid-September! And this is a year-round sport! At least it is here. But he is coming to competitions now. So, that’s nice.

This is going to be great.



So, it’s harder to keep the house clean and the electricity is going up which is understandable, Michael is home far more. (He doesn’t leave the house anymore.) It’s weird, he wants me to come home earlier and have dinner ready for him at 6 (not happening every day, he can get over that).

Halloween is coming up which means party-comp-show on the beach. He said he’d come but I doubt it. Michael isn’t a people person (surprise!). That’s fine though. I’ll make my money as he makes his. Oh, did I mention I’m getting paid for it? Yeah, a nice little sum, too.



First place! I qualify for nationals. Oh, that would be so great if I even placed. I’m already getting more offers for sponsorship. He didn’t show up — not surprising since it was a weekday -albeit a holiday. He was there in spirit all it was all cool; we cemented afterwards.



He ‘had to work’ on Christmas and didn’t come with me to my parents or the challenge (“it’s too cold, beside I have work to do”). He seems to be working more now that he’s working from home. I think I liked it better when he had to go to an office to work. He made more and worked less.



Cleaner house, home earlier so I won’t wake him since he has to work the next day, dinner ready and on the table. Housewife along with being a pro-surfer. We’ll see how that works out.

We had an argument today. The first in a long time. It’s my fault, though. I was making a lot of noise while he was work but I was just trying to clean the house before surfing. It’s fine. I’ll just start doing it after dinner. I’ll get more time in the water. Oh, and he complained about how much I was spending on sex wax. I tried explaining that I need it for the board but he wouldn’t have it. I guess I’ll have to wax every other time. It’ll chip but it should be okay. Hopefully.



Mike didn’t show even though it wasn’t far from the house. That’s okay, though. It would’ve been nice to have him there but he had work to do. To make things worse, he’s been getting more irritable. Perhaps it won’t be as great as I had hoped.

Other than that, the competition was fantastic. I placed first.



I didn’t place; he left. I loved him.

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